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Fruit Basket - CNY Fruit Hamper T2 - 0ML0109A1 Photo
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Fruit Basket - CNY Fruit Hamper T2 - 0ML0109A1 Photo
CNY Fruit Hamper T2
- In Stock
Product Code 0ML0109A1
( ex-delivery )
  1. Mid Autumn Fruit Collection(about 18-22pcs)(weight about 7KG/15LB)
    • Japanese citrus in box
    • Japanese strawberry gift box
    • Japanese Aomori Apple
    • Kirin Fruit
    • Korean crystal pear
    • Colombian golden berry
    • Blueberry/Imported fruit in box
    • Kiwi fruit in box
    • Pomegranate
    • Dragon fruit
    • Golden pear / Crystal pear
    • Star fruit / mango
    • Fuji apple X2
    • Sunkist Orange/ grapefruit X2
    • Pear X2
  2. Fashionable Shelves
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Additional Information
  • This gift comes with a message card board (public and afix on top) OR a GGB folded gift card (private and in an envelop)
  • Please note decors not included in the gift set
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