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Mother's Day Gift n Carnation Flower

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? Mother's Day Gifts
- flower, crafts, and healthy sets, for moms and aunties
( 57 products, $370 HKD - $1688 HKD )
( 18 products, $390 HKD (Macau) - $770 HKD (Macau) )
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About our Mother's Day Gift
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Oriental Weekly and Weekend Weekly Magazine reports on GGB mother's day collection.
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2019 Mother's Day Carnation and Mother's Day Gift for moms - Hong Kong Florist Delivery

Mother's Day Flower and Gift Series

- Hong Kong GiveGift Boutique Mother's Day collection has over 60 flower and gift products of latest European and Japanese designs, sending your mom a gift of love. We deliver mother's day gift to all offices, residential homes, restaurants and entertainment venues, giving her the extra special surprise. We also have MTR pickup available, so you can her the present yourself. All mother's day presents come with leather photo booklet, so your card message and instant photo of the gift can stay for eternity.

Mother's Day Carnation collection

- Nothing says 'I love you' more than beautiful flower bouquet and arrangement, available for red carnation, pink carnation, roses, tulips, lilies, calla-lilies, forget-me-not, hydrangea, cymbidium and other custom mixes. All flower bouquets and arrangements are designed and made by our expat florists from Holland and North America, quality guaranteed. In recent years, orchids and artistic floral pieces has also become more popular mother's day gift choices.

Tailor made mother's day gifts

- Customers are welcome to let us know the custom requirement, let our expert gift designers take care of the rest. We also have custom purchasing service, shall it be a Cova cake, Tiffany's jewelry, Gucci bag, or caviar, if it is available in Hong Kong, we can get it to add to your gift. The typical purchasing service is only $100 to $200 HKD. We look forward to serving you.

About Mother's Day

- Mother's Day in Hong Kong is set to be the second sunday in May. The most frequently used card message are "I Love You Mom" and "Happy Mother's Day".

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